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Ragweed season affects allergy sufferers around the country

Fall months can be particularly difficult for allergy sufferers due to an abundance of ragweed pollen.

From August until October, many allergy sufferers find their symptoms don't decrease even though the weather begins to cool. This is because an estimated 10 to 20 percent of Americans suffer from ragweed allergies, and the plant's pollen can have a significant effect on even those who live away from locations where it grows. Ragweed pollen is capable of traveling roughly 400 miles from the original plant.

"It is quite bad," Dr. Mohammed Jamil Khan, an allergist with the Port Huron Allergy Center, told Port Huron, Michigan, news source the Times Herald. "It started in the middle of August, and it will continue until the first frost. If we get a good frost, it will be better."

For much of the country, this relief won't be forthcoming. The average date of the first frost is October 22, and this date continues to move closer and closer to the winter months as the effects of climate change alter traditional weather patterns.

While Michigan expects to have its first frost in September, individuals living in the Midwest and Northeast can expect to continue to fall victim to the symptoms associated with this airborne irritant. Over-the-counter medicines can provide relief, but for full protection against the assault, Americans may want to consider upgrading certain features of their home.

For example, when the air is too dry, allergy sufferers' may find that their symptoms get much worse. Before making a purchase, allergy experts recommend that buyers select a product that doesn't require much maintenance. Products with a humidistat, which allow users to adjust the level of moisture in the air, may be best suited for those who want complete climate control.

By purchasing a low-cost humidifier from an online reseller, these Americans can find relief until the winter weather finally arrives.

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