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Mold and mushrooms could add to late season allergy problems

Increased presence of mold and mushrooms could cause the symptoms of allergy sufferers to become more prevalent.

Due the increased amount of rainfall certain parts of the country experience during the late summer, mushrooms and mold can are more prevalent. Even parts of the country that saw heavy rains all year round will likely notice the affects once the leaves begin to fall, as this provides more nourishment to these causes of allergy symptoms.

"We're getting a lot of patients calling and coming in remarking that really this whole year has been a challenge for them, but particularly this fall," Dr. Karyn Gell, a specialist with Grand Rapids Allergy, told the Grand Rapids Press.

As a result, those who suffer from seasonal allergies may want to follow some tips that could keep them from breaking the bank on over-the-counter medications. Medical experts advise that individuals who need to be outside in the coming weeks rake up leaves while wearing a mask or goggles to better protect themselves.

In addition, they should be sure to take a shower after being outside. To prevent allergens from entering the house, it may be best to wash the clothes soon after the activity. This way, they don't allow allergens to further collect in the house.

Americans are also advised keep their windows and doors closed to reduce the amount of moisture that gets into their home. However, if they aren't able to keep moisture out this way, these individuals can turn to a quality humidifier from an experienced online reseller.

By ordering the product online from a trusted source, these allergy sufferers can save close to 30 percent while gaining the tools they need to protect their indoor air quality. Consumers may also want to look for Honeywell or Kaz products that are capable of holding large quantities of water, such as two to three gallons.

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