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How can I make my home healthier this spring?

Checking your smoke detectors is one of the things you can to do ensure that your home is a healthy, safe place.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you know that spring cleaning is about more than just tidying up your home. Since this is the time of the year during which many people's symptoms are at their most severe – thanks, in part, to the plethora of pollen floating around outside – it's important to think about what you can do to make yourself more comfortable and increase your overall sense of well-being. 

Some of these tips will help manage your allergy symptoms, while others are just meant to ensure that your home is as healthy a place as possible: 

Check your smoke detectors – It's better to be safe than sorry, so test these devices to find out if they're still working properly. In fact, it's probably a good idea to schedule time every few months to do this and change the batteries as needed. 

Get rid of mold and mildew – According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this potentially hazardous fungus can thrive anywhere moisture is present. Cleaning products like the Allersearch AllerMold Mold & Mildew Inhibitor / Removal Spray are great at combating it and preventing it from continuing to grow inside your house.

Sort through your medicine cabinet - Chances are, some of your ointments and medications have expired over the past year, so now is a perfect time to toss anything that's past its prime and organize the rest. 

Fortunately, there are other actions you can take to reduce the amount of triggers in their home. You may want to consider investing in a whole house air purifier, which can remove allergens directly from the air. Also, before you start dusting the shelves and scrubbing the floor, check out Allergy Be Gone's cleaning products

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