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Get ready for even worse allergy seasons in the coming years, says ACAAI

Global warming might not just be bad for the polar bears, it can be problematic for allergy sufferers too.

This year, seasonal allergies were particularly bad for many people who suffered from them. Some patients had never dealt with this kind of reaction before, while for others the problem simply escalated in severity.

Unfortunately, a new study from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) suggests that extremely high pollen counts are likely to get a lot worse in the coming years. According to the researchers from the study, pollen counts could triple by 2040, making allergy season nightmarish for anyone with a pollen allergy.

"With increased industrial expansion, that you have increased carbon dioxide production and increased temperature. And both of those contribute to increased pollen production." said Dr. Scott Snodgrass on the findings to ABC 8 in Arkansas.

Those who are reluctant to call this climate change global warming suggest that the warming trends won't continue in the coming years, which would make pollen levels and allergy season return to normal. Only time will tell who is right in this debate.

Doctors also said that, though this prediction is somewhat alarming, allergy sufferers should keep in mind that scientists have made major progress in immunology and allergy relief recently, and there is likely to be very effective treatment before pollen counts get that high.

Either way, it's likely that more and more people will rely on car cabin air filters to reduce symptoms out in the world, and a whole house air purifier to decrease the allergens at home. There are some other precautions that you can take also, the ACAAI suggests that those with serious allergies always wear a respirator mask while cleaning.

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