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Experts predict that tree pollen season will hit Florida earlier than usual

Experts predict that tree pollen season will hit Florida earlier than usual due to unseasonably high temperatures.

As if this year’s particularly nasty flu season isn’t bad enough, Florida residents may be facing a harsher allergy season as well.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, those who suffer from seasonal allergies are already having negative reactions to pollen – mostly from oak trees – which is likely due to the region’s warm temperatures as of late. Experts are predicting that tree pollen season, which can hit Florida as late as March depending on the weather, is imminent, reports the source. While those who are experiencing symptoms now are particularly sensitive to the pollen, even individuals with mild to moderate allergies can expect to start feeling the effects soon.

“I think it has caught some people off guard,” Mona Mangat, an allergist from St. Petersburg told the source. “They weren’t expecting to be bothered by pollen this early and they may have gotten lax with their medications. I think it’s going to be a longer than normal season.”

Although the pollen may not be visible yet, the source reports, it shows up in the air before people can even see it. And, according to Mangat, when temperatures are as high as they have been, trees can produce what she calls “super pollen,” a more potent version of the allergen.

With all this in mind, experts told the source that it’s a good idea for individuals to see their doctors and begin taking preventative measures to avoid experiencing potentially severe symptoms. It’s also a good idea to wipe your feet before entering your home to avoid tracking the pollen inside. Additionally, you can purchase a product such as the whole house air purifier, which removes allergens directly from the air.

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