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Ann O’Reilly Email me
As a practicing physician, O’Reilly specializes in asthma, respiratory problems and infections, and immune deficiency disorders. Her quest for knowledge in these disciplines and other related fields have been described by many of her colleagues as a lifelong pursuit, as she studied allergies and their related effects as an undergrad, graduate and Ph.D. student.

O’Reilly has received a number of awards for her research and now acts as consultant for the makers of specialty products aimed at those with allergies and other respiratory problems. In this capacity, she has assisted the production and development of products ranging from pet bedding to humidifiers.

Shannon Hernandez Email me
After serving as a pediatrician for more than 14 years in her home state of Texas, Hernandez chose to devote her time to blogging about her full-time fight against her seasonal allergies. After detailing her struggle, Hernandez went on to conduct high-level research on allergens and the types of products that could be used to combat the side effects.

She now consults industry businesses on the best way to effectively market products to consumers while still finding time to blog about her daily life on topics such as her eco-friendly automobile, her dog Mittens and her two young daughters.

Bobby Schwartz Email me
After graduating with a Ph.D. in Medicine, Schwartz went on to specialize in allergy and immunology as well as diagnostic laboratory immunology through a fellowship. He is a member of a number of distinguished national professional associations and medical societies, and has written about allergies extensively for daily newspapers as well as monthly magazines.

Schwartz enjoys hiking with his wife Martha, and currently has two little girls. While no publishing details have been put forth, Schwartz has confirmed he is working on his first book about pet allergies.