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Study: Children with asthma experience better quality of life when treated with cognitive behavioral therapy

Study shows that for children with asthma, cognitive behavioral therapy can be an effective treatment, helping to improve their quality of life.

For people with respiratory conditions, finding an effective form of relief can make it much easier to live with disorders like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. According to a new study, it may be helpful to take a more psychological approach.

Researchers have found that children with asthma who receive cognitive behavioral therapy have a better quality of life and may be less likely to require serious treatments like oral steroids, reports Science Daily.

According to Dr. Aldo Pucci, president of the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists, this particular kind of counseling can be beneficial to patients for a number of reasons. Unlike many other kinds of treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy emphasizes getting better, rather than feeling better, which leads to long-term results. By engaging in this instructive, structured therapy, people can often experience fast, lasting relief from whatever it is that they are dealing with.

Since children with asthma can often experience anxiety, which only worsens their physical symptoms, researchers addressed techniques like encouraging the children to focus on the present moment and replacing recurring detrimental ruminations with positive thoughts. They also taught them breathing exercises and provided general education about anxiety.

By identifying the role that anxiety plays in asthma, the research shows how important it is for nurses and doctors to be aware of this link and address it effectively.

"The program seems to be a cost-effective, rapid access service providing a psychological intervention for all children showing a clinical need," researchers told Science Daily.

There are all different kinds of things you can try to reduce the effects of asthma for you or your children. By making simple changes around the house, like keeping it at a comfortable humidity level or using a respirator mask while cleaning, you may be able to keep your symptoms at a minimum. 

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