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How to deal with seasonal allergies while pregnant

Allergies can become more severe during pregnancy.

Seasonal allergies are never fun, but they can be particularly annoying to women during pregnancy.

In addition to nausea, back pain and other pregnancy-related symptoms, women who deal with seasonal allergies have to combat runny noses, dry throats, asthma and many other symptoms that make it harder to be productive throughout the day.

Instead of trudging through nine months of misery, there are steps women can take to make seasonal allergies the least of their worries while they are pregnant.

Here are some tips to alleviate the worst of your seasonal allergy symptoms:

Keep your home tidy

This is an important step for anyone who suffers from allergies, but keeping a clean home is particularly important during pregnancy. Sweeping and dusting regularly can help keep the air clean of common household allergens such as dust mites or mold. Individuals with pets should also consider giving their furry friend a bath at least once a week to reduce pet dander, which is another common cause of allergy flare ups around the house.

Allergy shots

This remedy can be useful, but pregnant women should be careful about when they start. Women who were already receiving allergy shots prior to pregnancy may continue getting them, but women should not start taking them once they're pregnant because there is an elevated risk for a serious reaction, according to Parents magazine. Alternative treatments that are safe for pregnant women include over-the-counter pills such as Claritin or nasal sprays, which can help ease congestion with no risk to a developing baby.

Consult your doctor

Allergy symptoms can manifest more severely during pregnancy, and it's important for women to know what's going on with their bodies during this time. There's also the chance for women to develop allergic rhinitis while pregnant, which can lead to nasal itching and congestion, as well as sneezing and severe symptoms. It's important for people to stay in close communication with their doctors about any concerns they might have so they can catch any issues early on.

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