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Why do we cough when we have allergies?

Allergies, like colds, can also cause people to cough.

What do you find most annoying when you have allergies? Is it the sneezing, teary eyes or coughing? OK, so it's all probably irritating (physically and psychologically). Every year millions of people suffer from hay fever, also known as seasonal allergies. It prevents them from doing what they love.

For those looking to treat their allergy symptoms, it's important to understand why those symptoms occur in the first place. Let's talk about that cough.

When you experience allergy symptoms, it's because your body releases histamines. These histamines are actually just an overreaction to something that isn't harmful at all – allergies. The end result is coughing.

While most associate coughing with getting sick, it actually occurs because of post-nasal drip, which allergies can cause as well. Allergens irritate the inside lining of a person's nose and produce mucus that is thicker and more watery than the substance that develops with a cold. The mucus  then slides down your nasal passages and irritates your throat. From there, you know what happens.

If you're suffering from coughing fits, think about where they happen. Are you outside or inside most of the time? If you're outside, stay inside. If you're inside, stay outside. You're likely having an allergic reaction to pollen, dust or dust mites. Avoiding these environments can help your cough subside. 

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