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Some seasonal allergy sufferers find relief from going gluten free

Cutting out gluten-rich foods like bread may lead to relief from seasonal allergies and asthma.

Most seasonal allergy sufferers are experiencing one of the worst seasons on record, but some have found welcome relief this year by making an interesting change to their daily eating habits. People who have had allergies their whole lives are experiencing fewer symptoms this season after removing gluten from their diet.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye that increasing amounts of people are finding out they are sensitive or incapable of digesting. These diets are quite popular among Americans right now, with specialized gluten-free baked goods, breads and pastas becoming available even in mainstream supermarkets.

So what does that have to do with seasonal allergies? It turns out that while gluten causes gastrointestinal problems for those with celiac disease, it has other manifestations in those who have a sensitivity to it, including worsened allergies and asthma.

Dr. Susan Mathyson of Catalyst Medical Center in North Dakota said in an interview with Fargo-Moorhead newspaper Inforum that changing diet makes a lot of sense for those who have wheat pollen allergies.
"By removing the products, the patient would decrease the overall stress on their overall health, and they would be less apt to respond severely to seasonal allergens," Mathyson told the source.

Not much conclusive research has been done on the topic, but this is a potential solution that those with seasonal allergy symptoms can keep in mind.

Other proven solutions for lessening symptoms include limiting the pollen in the air that you breathe by using a cabin air filter in the car and a whole house air purifier at home. The less exposure you have to pollen, the better your allergies will be.

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