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San Fransisco ideal location for those with allergies

San Francisco may be an ideal location for allergy sufferers.

San Francisco will always be known as the city where singer Tony Bennett proclaimed he had left his heart, but in his travels throughout the city, there is one more thing he could have left at home when traveling around the city – his allergy medication.

According to The Street, Sperling's Best Places recently conducted a study of the largest U.S. cities on a variety of metrics that affect those with allergies, and the top five cities for those with allergies were found to be Seattle, Boston, Salt Lake City, Miami and San Francisco, respectively.

Many of these cities have embraced energy consumption that does not produce excessive pollution, and they have low pollen levels for much of the year. They also share diversified economies, so industries do not unnecessarily tax certain components of the environment.

"[In San Francisco,] ozone pollution is low, pollens are moderate, smoking is low and the use of congestion medications are the lowest for our study," according to researchers. "The Mediterranean climate is dry and mild, and even the rate of flu in San Francisco has been well below average in recent years."

Miami's inclusion on the list may be a slight surprise, since many of five cities identified by Sperling earlier this month as the worst cities for allergy sufferers – Oklahoma City, Birmingham, New Orleans, Louisville and Memphis – share climate qualities with Miami, such as high temperatures and humidity.

Even though Miami is located in a warm, humid climate, the smoking rate of its citizens is low and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean likely mitigates the potential negative health effects by keeping air pollution low.

Allergy sufferers may not go to the extreme of moving to one of these cities, but those who live there may not need to rely on allergy medications as much as those living in other cities. As a general practice, individuals with serious symptoms may install HEPA air purifiers in their home to reduce their allergies.

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