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Acupuncture and managing allergy symptoms without using meds

Acupuncture may be one way of controlling your allergy symptoms.

People refuse to take medication for a number of reasons. Be it because of uncomfortable side-effects or simply a general avoidance of pharmaceuticals altogether, many Americans choose to find a more holistic approach to deal with their medical ailments.

If you suffer from allergies but don't want to rely on medications to stay healthy, here's some good news. There are a number of allergy products and methods you can adopt that are just as effective at helping you avoid symptoms without you ever having to seek out a prescription.

Acupuncture is one such method that might be an effective way to ease pollen allergy symptoms like sneezing and runny nose. In the last 15 years, acupuncture has begun to emerge as a viable alternative allergy treatment. A published study showed that a group of patients who received acupuncture treatments reported a greater decrease in symptoms than other groups who received medicine alone and simulated acupuncture.

The study's conclusion, however, leaves some doubt as to whether this may be an effective treatment for everyone,  "Acupuncture led to statistically significant improvements in disease-specific quality of life and antihistamine use measures after 8 weeks of treatment compared with sham acupuncture and with [medication] alone, but the improvements may not be clinically significant," the abstract stated.

Although acupuncture is one method you can try, more traditional strategies that you can implement around the house are proven to reduce your risk of having symptoms in the first place. Employing HEPA filters in your central air conditioning reduces the amount of pollen and dust circulating in your house. In addition, purchasing hypoallergenic bedding can help keep dust mites from entering your breathing zone while you sleep. These and more products are available at Allergy Be Gone to help you live free of allergies without using medications.  

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