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New kid-friendly line of products available to children with allergies and asthma

Kids who suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma now have th eopportunity to have a little fun with their illness.

Children who struggle with airway constriction brought on by asthma and allergies can now embrace their symptoms thanks to a line of colorful children's products that aim to take the stigma out of respiratory illness.

AllerMates is a line of products that feature an array of cartoon characters that each represent a different allergy or trigger. These include wristbands, dog tags and lunch boxes that each offer a playful representation of what causes a child to get sick.

According to a review from New Parent magazine, this new line of products was created to help kids to be more aware of their disease and understand what they should avoid when they go back to school. The new line will also help to ensure teachers and friends will be aware of a child's allergies and help them avoid potential dangers.

Iris Shamus, the creator of the line, did so after feeling frustrated by the lack of products available to children, like hers, who have multiple allergies, including to animals and pollen, the magazine reports.

To accompany the AllerMates line, Shamus also maintains a website to offer parents and children information about their allergies and ways to prevent extreme reactions. The site includes an interactive forum and videos for allergy sufferers to use as a resource in maintaining their respiratory health.

The products are available at many stores seasonally in accordance with what triggers are more prevalent in different environments. Throughout the year, parents should help children fight their respiratory illnesses by using HEPA air filters in their homes to remove hazardous particulates from the air.

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