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Meth-resistant allergy drugs to hit the market soon

Allergy medicines once used to make crystal meth will soon be unable to do that.

While several over the counter remedies exist to relieve the allergy symptoms of many sufferers, one ingredient in these medications, pseudoephedrine, is also used to make the drug crystal meth. The availability of these allergy relief pills has been hotly contested as many states face a mounting meth problem.

However, the makers of a new drug promise to provide the same relief to allergy sufferers while making it impossible to extract this chemical essential for making meth.

Two companies, Highland Pharmaceuticals and Aura Pharmaceuticals, reportedly have plans to unveil new meth-resistant allergy medicines as early as November. Several narcotics officers and pharmaceutical developers tried making meth from the new product and were unsuccessful

Those who suffer from seasonal allergies and rely on these decongestants can expect the new drugs to be just as effective as the others, but it will be impossible to extract the pseudoephedrine from them.

Such scientific developments could be game changer in the fight against crystal meth, which has been particularly difficult to contain because it can be made domestically out of legally obtained ingredients. In addition to the problems that the drug poses to a users health, the locations where the drug is made are full of unstable materials and at a high risk for explosions because of potential reactions within the chemicals.

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