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Mattresses are safe havens for dust mites

Beds represent an ideal climate for dust mites to populate.

Techniques homeowners use to reduce their allergy symptoms – vacuuming, preventing pets from entering certain rooms, running HEPA air purifiers – could all be for naught if they allow their beds to become infested with dust mites.

These irritants collect on beds because they prefer an environment that is warm and soft. WebMD reports that an average mattress can double in weight after 10 years as dead dust mites accumulate. Individuals who sleep in these infested mattresses can be susceptible to allergic reactions.

With this in mind, bedding producer Spring Air announced its new Back Supporter Breath line of mattresses, which are the first to be certified "asthma and allergy friendly" by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The beds feature a multi-level innerspring design and a breathable knit cover. Company officials expect the beds to sell for $999 to $2,499.

"We've never been more excited about a product introduction, especially one that addresses head-on the [number one] product in every home – the mattress – which has been identified by asthma, allergy and immunology experts as the priority target for reducing allergens and improving indoor air quality," Spring Air president Rick Robinson told furniture industry news source Furniture Today.

If individuals prefer to keep their current mattresses, they can purchase mattress and pillow covers that have will reduce the presence of dust mites and other allergens. These materials can be effective at preventing these irritants from getting trapped in bedding.

A 2003 study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that children with asthma who slept in beds with pillow and mattress covers were able to reduce their medication dosage amounts by half.

Homeowners concerned with the presence of dust mites could also outfit their beds with hypoallergenic bedding, as these materials are made with products that are not known allergens.

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