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I have allergies, what bedding is best for me?

If you have allergies, the right bedding will make all the difference.

If you suffer from indoor allergies, particularly those to pet dander or dust mites, you're likely to encounter a certain amount of difficulty in terms of choosing the right bedding. You might be interested in the lightweight warmth provided by a down comforter, but many people discover that these aggravate their allergy symptoms.

But if you have allergies, you don't have to choose between comfortable bedding and dealing with these pesky problems, there are plenty of choices available that can help you get a great and comfortable night's rest. Here are 3 helpful tips for allergy-free bedding.

1. Allergy comforter cover – Just as you use an allergy cover for your mattress, these are great for your down comforter. Not only will they prevent pesky dust mites from coming out, but they can help to keep the feathers from coming out and causing you to sneeze as well, meaning that you can use the duvet of your choice without worrying about allergies.

2. Down alternative – Many companies make synthetic down products that are hypoallergenic and almost as good as the real thing.  Remember that these synthetics vary in quality though, so if you want something that's as warm and light as down, you should be prepared to spend more.

3. Wash it – People with an allergy to dust mites are instructed to wash bedding in hot water regularly in order to reduce their symptoms. Therefore, it's a good idea to make sure that your comforter or duvet cover can be washed with the same regularity.

Picking one or all of these solutions will likely help to alleviate your indoor allergies, and make sure that you store your comforter in a cloth bag during the off-season, since this will help with mold control.

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