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EnviroRite Laundry Detergent is safe for allergy sufferers and the environment

Allergy products like EnviroRite Laundry Detergent can ensure that you don't suffer from irritating dermatological symptoms.

Allergic reactions to laundry detergents can be particularly frustrating because the clothing that has been washed using these products rubs up directly against your skin all day long. The residue left behind by these soaps can cause dermatological symptoms like rashes and hives as well as sneezing and itchy, watery eyes. 

"A lot of perfumes and dyes in the actual laundry detergent will cause these allergenic reactions," says renowned dermatologist Dr. Jeanine Downie. "The bottom line is you want to wash your clothes, sheets and towels with something that is perfume-free and dye free." 

Fortunately, there are allergy products such as EnviroRite Laundry Detergent that fit within Dr. Downie's criteria for what you should avoid. This 64-ounce bottle of super-concentrated formula is safe for all washable fabrics and leaves behind no irritating residue. Since it was developed by and for people with allergies and asthma, its free of any and all common triggers like petroleum solvents, fragrances and dyes. It's also environmentally friendly and hasn't been tested on animals, making it even more appealing to a wide variety of consumers. 

All you need to use is 1/8 cup of the detergent for regular loads and 1/4 cup for large, heavy cycles, so for only $16.50, one bottle will last you quite some time. If you have certain items that you need to wash by hand – no big deal. Just add one teaspoon of the formula to a basin of warm water and follow the special instructions listed on the garment. 

For additional laundry soaps that won't cause your body to react negatively, you can check out the rest of our detergents and other allergy products here

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