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Infographic: Allergy myths dispelled

Despite what many parents may have heard, moving to the southwestern United States or simply hoping the child grows out of the allergy are not the best ways to quell their symptoms. In reality, one of the best solutions to help a child with allergies may be to go against another common myth – that allergy immunization does not work.

The fact is, myths surrounding allergies are rampant, as just as much misinformation ends up reaching the ears of sufferers as quality tips and advice.

As a result, some people believe that allergies are psychosomatic, not life threatening or not attributable to natural or organic foods. These myths and seven others are disproved by the following infographic, which also details the costs of allergies.

We hope the infographic “Allergy Myths Dispelled” taught you something about allergies that you did not know previously. Perhaps this knowledge will help you avoid missing work, as about 4 million work days are lost annually due to allergy-related hay fever.

Using this knowledge, individuals can better shield themselves and their children from known allergens. Many experts suggest that allergy suffers may also benefit from purchasing HEPA vacuum cleaners and air filters from an online reseller to keep their homes allergen-free.

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