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On-stage collapse caused by seasonal allergies, laryngitis

Singer Randy Travis collapsed during an onstage performance this week due to the affects of seasonal allergies.

The Grammy Award winning country singer Randy Travis collapsed on September 25 during the middle of a benefit concert due to symptoms related to seasonal allergies. Held in the Renaissance Worthington Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, the concert was aimed at benefiting the Huguley Memorial Medical Center.

According to eyewitnesses the man behind such hits as "On the Other Hand" and "Three Wooden Crosses" stopped the show to comment on problems he was having with his voice. Travis then tried to sing the next song, and stumbled before collapsing onto the stage, E! News reports.

"Mr. Travis had been struggling with laryngitis that resulted from chronic allergies and had taken multiple over-the-counter allergy medicines," Jeff Beeson and Steve Davis, Travis' doctors, indicated in a statement they made to E! News.

Travis was able to walk off of the stage and to his tour bus, where he was evaluated for further medical issues. Travis was reportedly in stable condition, and he still has plans to play at his next scheduled show on October 1, according to the news source. On that date, he will resume the tour that marks his 25th year as a professional musician.

Everyday Americans who are struggling with similar ailments may want to take more advanced precautions. For example, rather than stocking up on over-the-counter medications, individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies can choose to purchase products such as water filtration units, cleaning supplies and allergy bedding.

Many allergy experts say symptoms become more acute when pollen, pet dander and other irritants are allowed to collect on traditional bedspreads, blankets and pillows. This can pose a challenge in the winter times, when it's more difficult to air out a house. As such, allergy-friendly pillow cases, which form a comfortable barrier between the pillow and the sleeper, can be a great way to mitigate potentially dangerous side effects.

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