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All articles from: June, 2012

Indiana students getting educated about asthma and allergies


A program being enacted at two Indiana Elementary schools that educates and raises awareness about asthma and allergies is getting attention from the federal government.

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Certain asthma drugs may not have effect on mental health as once thought

Asthma sufferers may no longer need to worry that certain medications will lead to suicidal thoughts or tendencies.

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Busy highways are loud, frustrating and maybe a health hazard

Living near a loud and congested roadway may present a number of minor annoyances and a few bad nights of sleep. But, a new study shows that having a home next to a highway may also be a health hazard.

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Keeping humidity levels in check is a priority this summer


The summer season poses many threats to allergy sufferers both in and outside of the home. But as humid weather and the wrath of hurricane season pummels the nation, even non-allergy sufferers are at risk of respiratory issues because of hazards inside their own houses.

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