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Make sure kids are headed back to school with all the supplies they need to be successful - including their allergy relief.
Ragweed season threatens kids heading back to school

When sending your kids back to school this year, make sure they have the products they need to fight off difficult allergy symptoms. 

According to the data, 6 percent of kids across the country suffer from some sort of food allergy.
Inner-city kids have higher rate of allergies than others

New evidence from researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland indicates that children in the inner city also have higher rates of food allergies.

Asthmatics should be wary of a new medication that is intended to help patients with COPD.
FDA warns asthmatics of new COPD medication

The FDA is responsible for releasing warnings for consumers regarding existing products, ingredients and potential side effects. 

Allergy Disease News

Thunderstorms could be a cause rather than a cure for allergy and asthma sufferers.
Thunderstorms could be cause, not cure, for allergy sufferers

Thunderstorms could be a cause rather than a cure of symptoms for allergy sufferers. 

Lupin is part of the legume family.
New legume could cause allergy reaction

One recent update from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could be the cause for concern for those who eat gluten-free foods.

Inner-city children may be more likely to develop food allergies.
Inner-city children at higher risk for food allergies

Though children born and raised in city environments are known to be more prone to asthma and environmental allergies, a recent study has identified a higher risk for food allergies as well.

Allergy Product News

Allergy sufferers could get relief from a smartphone app.
UK design firm develops allergy awareness app

For most allergy sufferers, the hardest part about combating their triggers is knowing when they are going to be most impactful.

Invest in a filtration system to ensure that your drinking water is clean.
Why you should filter your tap water

The water coming out of your tap is monitored by the government, but you may be surprised to learn that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe.

Make sure your college freshman has all the supplies to get off on the right foot.
6 must-have items in college dorms

Now is the time to begin getting your soon-to-be college freshman ready for their new adventure!

Allergy Relief News

The FDA has approved a few new drugs to be used for allergy and asthma relief and prevention.
3 recent approvals from the FDA

Recently, the FDA has approved a number of new relief and treatment medications, including a few for allergy and asthma sufferers.

A recent development of a new type of cashew could be good news for food allergy sufferers.
Scientists may have developed hypoallergenic nut

Scientists with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service think they may have developed a hypoallergenic tree nut.

Dust mites cause allergy symptoms in many Americans.
Rhode Island man revolutionizes fabrics for allergy sufferers

In Rhode Island, one man is helping improve the allergy relief industry by putting his career skills to work on creating textiles that are more resistant to harmful allergens.

Seasonal Allergy News

Allergies this fall could be their worst in three years.
Fall season could be worst for allergy sufferers in 3 years

According to many industry leaders, this autumn’s allergy season could be even worse than the summer season that allergy sufferers have had to endure for the past few months.

Pet dander is just one type of allergen that is found indoors.
Indoor air quality could be more harmful than outdoors for allergy sufferers

Old, uncleaned air conditioning and heating units, along with aged carpets, carry allergens like dust, dust mites and animal dander.

If you are taking antihistamines that may impact your ability to drive, don't get behind the wheel.
Use caution when driving after taking antihistamines

Did you know antihistamines may impair your ability to drive?

Allergy Infographics

By purchasing a dehumidifier you can help reduce the level of moisture in your home.
Infographic: How humidity affects allergy sufferers and what you can do about it

The good news is, there are plenty of steps that allergy and asthma sufferers can take to keep humidity levels down and eliminate allergens, from purchasing hypoallergenic bedding to using dehumidifiers. To find out more about how you can address each of the problems listed above, check out Allergy Be Gone’s infographic on humidity.

Seasonal allergies can even affect the romantic lives of some people.
Two in five men have encountered romantic problems because of seasonal allergies

A new study released today deals with the impact that seasonal allergies have on the lives of those who suffer from them.

Infographic: Allergy myths dispelled

While the weather may not indicate fall just yet, allergy sufferers would beg to differ as their allergies have been acting up for a few weeks by now. For most individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies, this year's ragweed has already begun to take its toll. When it comes to preventing allergy symptoms, sometimes people don't [...]