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Some allergy sufferers are turning to alternative medicine to treat allergies. But the procedures have their critics.
People treat allergies with alternative medicine. But is it safe?

People are using alternative medicine to treat allergies. But is it really safe?

Allergy season hasn't ended quite yet. In fact, winter allergies are just getting started. It's important to know how to recognize them.
Symptoms of top winter allergies

Just because winter ends doesn’t mean that allergy season ends as well. Here are some winter allergies and their symptoms.

Just because winter ends, doesn't mean allergy season is over.
What types of allergies could you have to deal with this winter?

If you suffered from pollen all year and thought the worst was over, you’d unfortunately be wrong.

Allergy Disease News

Researchers from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology believe that over-the-counter medicines are not nearly as effective as prescription medicines.
Are over-the-counter allergy medicines really doing their job?

Researchers have found that the majority of people turn to over-the-counter medicines, which don’t work as well as prescription remedies.

Autumn is beautiful to look at, but it presents hidden dangers like allergies.
Fall allergy season is right around the corner

Fall allergy season is slowly making its way around the states, but doctors are warning that this season will be here faster than you know it.

New research shows that allergies, which contain antihistamines, could cause weight gain.
Studies indicate allergy medicines may cause weight gain

New research indicates that there may be a link between allergy medicines and weight gain.

Allergy Product News

High storage capacity in your cleaner can prevent health issues.
9 great qualities of a handheld vacuum cleaner: Part 3

This summer, don’t dread cleaning. With a little research you can easily thwart the spread of allergens by quickly and efficiently cleaning your residence.

HEPA vacuum cleaners can ensure dust--seen here--doesn't escape back into the air.
9 great qualities of a handheld vacuum cleaner: Part 2

By researching vacuum models, you can find one that works best in the areas you need it the most.

Could your dirty sheets be making your allergy symptoms worse?
The importance of changing your bedding during allergy season

How often should you change your bed sheets?

Allergy Relief News

Fall allergies affect millions of Americans, and it could be because of their immune system.
Our immune system plays a major role in instigating allergy symptoms

According to a computer model, it appears that an immune response that fights certain parasites is being misdirected to activate allergy symptoms.

It's important to get out ahead of allergies before they start to affect you.
Could we stop allergies before they surface?

A 12-year-old girl from Maryland is trying to invent a way to prevent allergies by using nanoparticles.

Some allergy sufferers have to go to extremes to protect themselves.
New Mexicans facing tough allergy season due to early rains

Pollen counts could be higher depending on where you live in the country.

Seasonal Allergy News

To help reduce allergies this fall,  wash and clean your home.
9 tips to ways to allergy-proof your home this fall: Part Three

Enjoy autumn this year by making sure you protect your home from aggressive allergens. Here are three tips on how you can do just that.

Don't let seasonal allergies hamper your autumn fun.
9 ways to allergy proof your home this fall: Part Two

Don’t let allergies stop you from enjoying autumn festivities. 

Make sure you consult with your doctor about potential allergies before allergy-proofing your home.
9 ways to allergy-proof your house this fall: Part One

Don’t let allergies get the better of you this fall. While most associate allergy season with spring and summer, your nose can get just as congested in the fall.

Allergy Infographics

By purchasing a dehumidifier you can help reduce the level of moisture in your home.
Infographic: How humidity affects allergy sufferers and what you can do about it

The good news is, there are plenty of steps that allergy and asthma sufferers can take to keep humidity levels down and eliminate allergens, from purchasing hypoallergenic bedding to using dehumidifiers. To find out more about how you can address each of the problems listed above, check out Allergy Be Gone’s infographic on humidity.

Seasonal allergies can even affect the romantic lives of some people.
Two in five men have encountered romantic problems because of seasonal allergies

A new study released today deals with the impact that seasonal allergies have on the lives of those who suffer from them.

Infographic: Allergy myths dispelled

Many people suffer from allergies all year. When spring hits they have to manage pollen. Then as spring turns into fall, they suffer from ragweed. Finally, as fall transitions into winter, their misery doesn't end. They have to deal with winter allergies, such as dust and mold. But what if we told you there is a way [...]