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Dust-mites can live in most any part of your bed, so it is important to wash your sheets regularly.
5 ways to make indoor life easier for allergy sufferers

Here are a few ideas for how to reduce the impact of dust mites and other household allergens this winter. 

A lack of vitamin D could lead to asthma attacks, according to a new study.
Study: Vitamin D deficiency could lead to asthma attacks

A recent study shows that lack of vitamin D – or too little sunshine – can actually be a detriment to your health if you have asthma, and in some cases can spur on asthma attacks.

House plants can actually act as air filters and improve air quality.
4 common allergy misconceptions

Here are a few things you should know about allergy misconceptions. 

Allergy Disease News

One item that might bother you is avocado, which some allergy sufferers have said triggers the same symptoms as pollen.
Pollen allergy feels like a food allergy?

Recent studies show that there could be a link between pollen allergies and certain symptoms thought to be a food allergy. 

Peanut allergies could be linked to skin disorders.
Study: Peanut allergies and skin disorder linked?

Recent research into the origin of peanut allergies has found that there may be a link to skin disorders. 

Raking fall leaves may be bad for allergy sufferers.
Fall just as dangerous as summer for allergy sufferers?

Some medical professionals say that fall weather can be just as bad for triggering for allergens as summer.

Allergy Product News

Allergy sufferers could get relief from a smartphone app.
UK design firm develops allergy awareness app

For most allergy sufferers, the hardest part about combating their triggers is knowing when they are going to be most impactful.

Invest in a filtration system to ensure that your drinking water is clean.
Why you should filter your tap water

The water coming out of your tap is monitored by the government, but you may be surprised to learn that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe.

Make sure your college freshman has all the supplies to get off on the right foot.
6 must-have items in college dorms

Now is the time to begin getting your soon-to-be college freshman ready for their new adventure!

Allergy Relief News

Even people with allergies and asthma are encouraged to get the flu vaccine.
ACAAI okays flu vaccine for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

Parents of children with allergies know that they have to be especially cautious when it comes to the medication, vaccines and environmental factors that their kids are exposed to.

Now people with cat allergies may be able to peacefully coexist with their furry friends.
International companies announce forthcoming drug for cat allergy sufferers

Now those who want to play with their furry friends without pesky allergies getting in the way are in luck, as scientists believe they have discovered an injection that would relieve allergy symptoms for allergy sufferers.

Recent research indicates that exposure to animal skin could help reduce allergy symptoms.
Researchers have found animal skins could reduce allergy symptoms

While it has long been rumored that living with pets as a child can increase your immunity to allergies and asthma symptoms, researchers have recently discovered that being exposed to animal skins has similar effects.

Seasonal Allergy News

Allergies this fall could be their worst in three years.
Fall season could be worst for allergy sufferers in 3 years

According to many industry leaders, this autumn’s allergy season could be even worse than the summer season that allergy sufferers have had to endure for the past few months.

Pet dander is just one type of allergen that is found indoors.
Indoor air quality could be more harmful than outdoors for allergy sufferers

Old, uncleaned air conditioning and heating units, along with aged carpets, carry allergens like dust, dust mites and animal dander.

If you are taking antihistamines that may impact your ability to drive, don't get behind the wheel.
Use caution when driving after taking antihistamines

Did you know antihistamines may impair your ability to drive?

Allergy Infographics

By purchasing a dehumidifier you can help reduce the level of moisture in your home.
Infographic: How humidity affects allergy sufferers and what you can do about it

The good news is, there are plenty of steps that allergy and asthma sufferers can take to keep humidity levels down and eliminate allergens, from purchasing hypoallergenic bedding to using dehumidifiers. To find out more about how you can address each of the problems listed above, check out Allergy Be Gone’s infographic on humidity.

Seasonal allergies can even affect the romantic lives of some people.
Two in five men have encountered romantic problems because of seasonal allergies

A new study released today deals with the impact that seasonal allergies have on the lives of those who suffer from them.

Infographic: Allergy myths dispelled

As many Americans prepare for a season of cold weather, allergy sufferers are undoubtedly preparing the interior of their homes to be sealed up from inclement weather, promote good air quality and reduce the chance of reaction throughout the next few months. Indoor allergens are a prominent issue for allergy sufferers around the globe. Approximately [...]